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Our High Level Support for IMEs* Leads to 

High Level Service to Referrers

*Independent Medical Examiners and

Expert Witness Consultants

Your IME Home

§ Consult On Your Terms: Conduct IME assessments and issue reports, without having business and back end administration headaches.  Consult on your time and calendar availability, part-time or even full-time.  Earn additional revenue regardless of where you work.  No long-term commitments or contracts.


§ Business Infrastructure: We provide all the business infrastructure from start-up to running a smooth practice such as custom email and drive, encrypted and unlimited Google Meet for business videoconferencing, electronic business card, opportunity to  receive referrals from gazetted and non-gazetted referral agencies, our platform helps optimize practice time for IMEs, and receiving aggregated prompt payments upon report submissions. 

§ State-of-the-art Technology Platform: Your complete consulting is conducted on a secure cloud platform that includes on-boarding, your real-time booking calendar, booking by your clients, choice of two telehealth portals (i.e. Doxy), report and invoice preparation and submission, optional voice-to-text transcribing, auto-email reminders for appointments and invoices to referrers, and ramp-up of online referrals to you as your practice builds.

§ Marketing Support: Your own web page for marketing under umbrella, which is a distinct website presence that is not affiliated or linked only to a broker agency.

§ Marketing and Ethical Advertising: In concordance with Medical Board/AHPRA, promotion of individual IME psychiatrists via formal  presentations by the Principal to various referring agencies on a regular basis.


§ Support for IMEs: Support and guidance for IME psychiatrists with setting up your practice on our platform, appropriate  letterhead, report templates, set up of fee structure for non-gazetted referrals, and complex IME referrals and reports.


§ Use of Consulting Address: Essential use of the consulting suite address (Se 12, 140 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121) for the purposes of registration in obtaining a distinct Provider Number, which is required for all videoconference and in-person IME examinations.


§ Use of Consulting Suite: Optional use of our consulting suite at Se 12, 140 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121, which is subject to availability and scheduling, when required for in-person IME examinations, and free parking for the IME and the Examinee.  This includes a "meet & greet" receptionist for you and the Examinee.

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